I’m happy to announce that ExpoDev for iOS (for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices) was recently released into Beta testing. Things have really progressed since the initial previews were posted here. ExpoDev is now functional enough to use in fields tests with everything working with the exception the Depth of Field calculations (which will be working by the next Beta version).

What makes ExpoDev so special (and different) from other exposure calculators is that ExpoDev uses your personal film testing data to determine the proper exposure and development time for each and every scene, matching the scene contrast to a target film contrast. Since this personal film test data is keyed to your personal working methods, material, and processes, what this means in a practically sense is that B&W negatives produced using ExpoDev will be far more consistent and far easier to print (or digitally scan).

ExpoDev for iOS also makes it even easier to get your personal film test data imported than previous versions. There are two ways to import film test data into ExpoDev, via email or via iTunes. For those of you that use the View Camera Store’s BTZS film testing service this is as simple as receiving the email with your test results and then opening the film test files on an iPhone or iPod Touch that has ExpoDev installed. ExpoDev will then offer to import the film test data into your library of films to use.

For those of you that produce your own film tests using Plotter, you can connect you iPhone or iPod to iTunes and simply drag over the exported film test files to import them directly into ExpoDev. Details on that process are here on Apple’s website.

In addition to making it even easier to manage your film library, ExpoDev for iOS also manages your list of lenses and filters (along with their factors) for easy selection in the field. It’s new Depth of Field calculator offers several different methods of working and gives you complete control over image sharpness by letting you choose the Circle of Confusion size for your film format and printing preferences.

I’ll cover all of this and more in future blog posts. In the meantime keep checking back here often as well as over at the new ExpoDev for iOS forum to join in the discussion.

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