Today I’m going to start a series of short articles on ExpoDev for iOS. My goal is to talk about some of the unique features that set ExpoDev apart for other analog photography apps on the market. I’ll try to get something new out each week.

ExpoDev has many unique features that you won’t find anywhere else, such as calculating exposures based on personal film test data, the only exposure calculator which applies reciprocity adjustments that are based on actual lab-produced film tests for a multitude of film and developer combinations, the ability to calculate exposure and development to produce negatives which will closely mesh with different printing processes whether that be silver, platinum, digital hybrid/scanning, or any other alternative process. This is just the tip of the iceberg and I hope to talk about them all in upcoming articles.

But first an update: Beta 2 of ExpoDev for iOS is nearing release in the next few days. This release is about 95% functionally complete with the only thing left to complete being ExpoDev’s Depth of Field calculator. At it stands now, it is completely usable in the real-world to calculate and catalog your film exposures and development information. The exposure calculation system within ExpoDev have been extensively field test on other platforms for almost 10 years now (I’m referring to ExpoDev for PocketPC which has a smaller, private release). It is also a significant upgrade to the exposure calculation system used in ExpoDev for Palm, used by many of photographers today. I’ve personally produced hundreds of 4x5 B&W negatives using ExpoDev’s exposure calculator and I have never had a bad exposure (at least not due to ExpoDev – photographer error is another story).

After I get Beta 2 out the door I will write a few articles on ExpoDev’s unique system of exposure calculations and reciprocity adjustments, which is probably the most accurate reciprocity adjustment calculator in existence. Until then, here are some previous articles to catch up on things.

Previous ExpoDev for iOS articles:

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John NIstico
2/8/2012 10:23:53 PM #

Absolutely wonderful!

Keep going!

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